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COVID-19 Screenings

Do you have these symptoms?






Shortness of Breath

How to request a screening:

  1. Access our patient portal:​​

    1. Existing patients can login to your account.​

    2. New patients should register for an account online or download the healow iOS app or Android app to access the patient portal from a mobile device. Use the practice code EIEABD to connect the healow app with Fetter Health Care Network.

    3. If you do not have access to the internet, please call (843) 722-4112 to speak with our team.

  2. [Click? Tap? something] to request a screening.

  3. Click [what does the button say the bottom of screener?] to submit your request.

  4. One of our team members will contact you within [time frame] to conduct the screening over the phone.

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